About GIA

Gema Ilmiah Ankara (GIA)  is a group of Indonesian university students in Ankara who organises bi-weekly scholastic discussions for fellow Indonesian students and also other Indonesian citizens in Ankara. This group was formed on December 2011. Hence,  for the celebration of the first anniversary of GIA,  we would like to hold a seminar and discussion series, inviting expert speakers from Indonesia to present the seminar.
The theme of this event is:
“Optimizing the Role of Indonesian Students in Developing Cultural Innovation”
This event is intended to:
1.   Celebrate GIA’s first anniversary;
2.   Expand Indonesian students’ horizons about innovation;
3.   Establish critical thinking in students’ minds.
Target Audience
This event is going to be attended by Indonesian students in Ankara and also Indonesian citizens in Ankara. Estimated audience is 250 people.